What you need is just to be famous.

In an age where the most important thing is to be known by everybody not for what you really are but for what they want  you to be.
When we are watching the television we are constantly looking for a guru who can teach us how to lives our lifes and hoping that one day we should be “inside” of it.
Inside the television, behind the screen; phisically inside of it and not just be present on it.
This way of live will manage us to build amazing cities based on this concept.
In the future people will live inside a 3DTV and will always be the focus of the attention, an important member of this world, because they are always known and watched by the others.
Cities evolution goes at the same speed as the media technological evolution and the images shown. Everybody will constantly have to 3D glasses to watch, not just for the television but also for everything is surrounded, in order to increase the reality.
The 3DTV building is planned like with three concentric rings that split in three levels the space where men live:
-        village
-        small city
-        big city

Being concentric, the village will watch just the small city that will appear in television as a goal to be reached.
At the same time, the small city, that is located between the village and the big city, will watch at the village as an example of what they don’t want to become and the big city as what they want to be.
Instead, the big city, located on the external side of the building, will watch the other buildings (the other 3DTV) by big screens where are project images of famous people, being this the final concept of life.
In a future where be famous is the most important  plan and everything remain behind the scenes, even the nature will become an impediment for the notoriety.
People will not appreciate the views, the gardens, the beaches or everything that surround us because the only important thing it will be to be famuosu and projected on a screen.
The only way to save the nature will be not to go out for a walk but just remain inside of the 3DTV.
The 3DTV buildings are totally independent. The thunder will be caught by the building and turned in electricity.
This skyscrapers  will not have a standard height but will grow up with the expansion of the city.


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