"4 Containers 4 a house"

“Pink? Pink? Well, what’s wrong with pink?
Seems you’ve got a pink kink in your think.
Does it matter what color? Well, that gets nope.
Be it pink, purple or heliotrope.

Thinking to a floating house dedicated to hospitality we imagined  a container: an element which is visually linked to sea  and travel.
The construction is composed of 4 interconnected containers, generating a mix of indoor and outdoor spaces for a pleasant stay. The lower floor hosts a living room and toilets, upstairs  is  a bedroom .The outdoor spaces consists of a deck with a bath thub and a big hammock on the upper level. This project was designed for a floating house competition, we used 4 containers and fit the housing space in them, containers allow fast building and off-site construction,a huge advantage if you consider to work on a floating surface.
We wanted it pink because it fades in the sunset and, anyway, what’s wrong with pink?


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