"...a floating paperboat room"

Entering your child's games is a latent dream in the unconscious of young and old.You can hide it in depth, but that child will always appear when he hears the call of the game.For a floating room our inner child has imagined a paper boat, the simplest game in front of a surface of water. 
An idea of ​​childhood that embodies the message of exploration, travel, curiosity and discovery. 
But also an accessible game, unpretentious and practically free. 
These are the sensations we wanted to express with 'Origami', a small floating room, essential as a paper boat: the simplest of origami.

The origami module consists of 4 zones: 
The external gallery, equipped with a table, chairs and a small bridge always disappearing to the landing; the real room, lowered compared to the bridge and occupied by a large double bed with storage compartments and drawers below;a three-element bathroom;the upper floor, accessible from the outside through a maritime staircase: a raised platform ideal as a relaxation area or solarium. 
The structure of the boat will consist of simple iron sections with a wooden plank attached to the exterior, like a real boat. 
The sleeping area will be glazed and dimmed by curtains;the raised platform open on all four sides and equipped with waterproof curtains to guarantee privacy and protect from the sun and rain.

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