Hailing from the town of Acqui Terme in Italy, I am not just an architect and graphic designer but a creative nomad currently rooted in Brussels. My journey in the world of visual arts and design has been as diverse as the places I've called home.
My studies and professional pursuits began in Genoa, where I graduated in architecture, and continued in Milan, Italy, where I honed my craft amidst architectural wonders. 
The bustling streets of Istanbul, Turkey fuelled my passion for design, while the vibrant culture of Bangkok and the serene creativity of Chiang Mai, Thailand offered a unique blend of inspiration. 
Crossing the hemispheres, I immersed myself in the design scenes of Perth and Melbourne, Australia, where each city left an indelible mark on my creative perspective.
Now, as I weave my creativity into the tapestry of Brussels, my multicultural journey continues to shape my approach to design. The amalgamation of styles, influences, and techniques from each corner of the globe has not only enriched my work but has cultivated a nuanced and cosmopolitan view of the world.
Beyond my individual endeavors, I've collaborated with like-minded friends to establish two distinct associations. "Answer 42 Architects" stands as a testament to our shared dedication to graphic design and architectural innovation. In parallel, "Burrasca" has emerged with a noble mission—to popularize the cultural significance of architecture and design. 
Together, these associations are not merely platforms; they are living entities that echo our collective commitment to fostering creativity, dialogue, and cultural appreciation in the realms of design and architecture.
From the quaint streets of Acqui Terme to the eclectic cityscape of Brussels, my journey is not just a professional trajectory but a vibrant narrative of cultural fusion and creative evolution. Each city, association, and project has contributed to a mosaic of experiences that continue to shape and redefine my passion for design.
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