My journey in architecture and design commenced in Genoa, where I earned my degree, and flourished in Milan amidst its architectural marvels. The vibrant streets of Istanbul ignited my passion, while the rich cultures of Bangkok and Chiang Mai in Thailand provided a wellspring of inspiration. Venturing across hemispheres, I delved into the design scenes of Perth and Melbourne in Australia, each leaving an indelible mark on my creative perspective.

Now, as I infuse my creativity into the cultural tapestry of Brussels, my multicultural odyssey propels me forward, shaping my design ethos. The amalgamation of global styles, influences, and techniques has not only enriched my work but has also cultivated a nuanced, cosmopolitan worldview.

Beyond personal pursuits, I've co-founded two distinct associations: "Answer 42 Architects," a testament to our shared commitment to graphic design and architectural innovation, and "Burrasca," dedicated to promoting the cultural significance of architecture and design. These associations are not mere platforms; they are dynamic entities reflecting our collective dedication to fostering creativity, dialogue, and cultural appreciation.

From the quaint streets of Acqui Terme to the bustling cityscape of Brussels, my journey transcends professional growth; it's a vibrant narrative of cultural fusion and creative evolution. 
Each city, association, and project contributes to a mosaic of experiences that continually shape and redefine my passion for design.

" all those who talk to the wind. 
To the crazy for love, to the visionaries, 
to those who would give their lives to make a dream come true. 
To the outcasts, the rejected, the excluded. 
To real or presumed madmen. 
To men of heart. 
To those who persist in believing in pure sentiment. 
To all those who are still moved. 
A tribute to great leaps, ideas and dreams. 
To those who never give up, to those who are laughed at and judged.
To the poets of the newspaper. 
To the "winners" therefore, and also to the defeated who are ready to rise again and fight again. 
To forgotten heroes and drifters. 
To those who are not afraid to say what they think. 
To all knights errant. 
To those who have traveled around the world and to those who will one day." 


“Don Chisciotte”
- Miguel de Cervantes - 
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