The secret ingredient to Gruut’s brand identity
There’s no escaping AI nowadays. And while some are scared, we like to push boundaries and use the latest technology to our advantage. That’s why last year (long before the current hype) we integrated AI in one of our projects for Gruut, a Ghent-based craft beer brewery.
What makes the Gruut beer so tasty and different is a special ingredient that only the owners know.  We liked this mysterious vibe and felt it was the perfect starting point for the new brand guide: visualising an unknown plant or herb as this secret ingredient that can act as a graphic element in the new brand identity.
Our graphic designers used graphic AI to generate images of various non-existing herbs and plants. They then selected parts of these to create the final mysterious and unique “Gruut” herb. While we could have gone into the wild for several months and studied different flora, AI helped speed up the process and gave the designers the building blocks they needed.
We completed the new brand guide with a logo update, new typography, colour schemes and product branding. We also included new photography guidelines and two marketing campaign visuals.
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