Installation proposal for the Amsterdam Light Festival 
We live in an age full of contrasts and antagonisms and where new ones are born and die every day... 
but all this leaves scars. 

No matter how hard we try to make things right each time, to try to do the right thing by making things right, 
all this creates wounds within us and on our planet that we try to heal, 
sometimes they heal quickly while other times they continue to bleed for longer. 
But humanity keeps going and the scars are what remains. 
The concept is based on the metaphor of the scar as a tangible sign of shared experiences, both of pain and healing, that unite people in a common experience. 
This theme calls for awareness of the emotional and social wounds that can run through a community, while at the same time celebrating the strength and resilience of human beings in overcoming adversity.

“They hurt once and today they make us feel alive. Scars are beautiful, even the inner ones. 
They remind us why, despite everything, we are still here.”
Viewers immerse themselves in the installation as they walk through the city, finding themselves interacting directly with the luminous 'scar' in three dimensions. 
Their experience is dynamic and immersive as they follow the scar's path through the city's streets, alleys and canals. 

This physical and visual interaction stimulates a range of emotions and reflections, prompting visitors to confront the concept of wounding and healing both personally and collectively. 
Through this experience, an emotional bond is created between the viewers and the installation itself, transforming them from mere observers to active participants in the process of interpreting and understanding the artwork. 
Red light plays a key role in the installation, representing the visual thread that connects the different elements of the city and unifies the visitors' experience. 

It symbolises the constant presence of pain and suffering in human life, but also hope and the possibility of healing. The choice of the colour red evokes feelings of intensity, passion and vitality, capturing the viewers' attention and guiding them along the path of the scar. 

Moreover, the red light creates an evocative and almost unreal atmosphere, transforming the familiar urban space into a unique and extraordinary artistic experience. 
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